Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Morning Wonder

“Mommy, duk nam….duk nam”.

I stood behind Noah as he leaned on the window sill. He kept pointing outside and I kept looking outside, trying to figure out what he just said.  It could not have been ‘duck’.  There weren’t any outside the house. And what exactly is ‘nam’?  It can’t be ‘jam’, ‘duck jam’ or anything like that. Those just didn’t make sense.  Finally, I heard a beeping sound and I knew it was the garbage truck.  So then I asked again, “truck”? He said yes. But now, what is ‘nam’? He still kept pointing outside so then I had to be quick and took a wild guess. 

“Truck, gone?” Then with such brilliant eyes, Noah excitedly nodded. I felt triumphant and proud! Call me shallow but I would imagine that every parent takes pride in the fact that they are the first, and sometimes the only ones, that can decipher their toddler’s highly cryptic speech. It’s simply one of those priceless rewards we are blessed with as parents. For a SAHM like myself, to be exposed all-day to my son’s pure innocence, pure simple joys derived from watching our recycling bin be lifted by this huge truck, is pure blessing!

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  1. joy, things like that are sometimes hard to tell . . . people sometimes find it non sense . .but I'm in to your situation .. kasi nga nag alaga din ako ng mga pamangkin, though I never been a dad before. In most cases, tanging ikaw lang ang makaka appreciate ng mga na witness mo . . . buti ka nga, at very articulate ka, me . .. I just keep it to myself as a memory of having an innocent kid on your side. . .pure and simple .


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